What is Sinadura?

Sinadura is an open source project aimed at offering products and services for digital identity and electronic signatures for individuals, companies and Public Administrations. It offers software tools, services and community support.

The best-known tool in the project is the Sinadura Desktop, a multi-platform desktop application, leader in the market for the digital signing of any file type.

The software guarantees the integrity, identity and non-repudiation in any file, including pay slips, contracts, invoices or certifications in text files, songs in audio files or video clips in video files.

In addition to Sinadura Desktop, we offer a large range of products and services. For example, an electronic voting and minutes management tool which can be contracted as a service or installed in your own server and a consultancy and legal support service.

The Sinadura project has a broad community of users, originating around Sinadura Desktop, who take part in tasks such as software testing, support in forums, translations, etc. If you are interested in taking part in the project, please enquire about how to participate.

Sinadura Desktop 4.2: 14076 descargas.

Sinadura Desktop 3.3: 24780 descargas.

Sinadura Desktop 3.1: 13902 descargas.

Sinadura Desktop 3.0: 13165 descargas.

Sinadura Desktop 5.0: 15973 descargas.


Download Sinadura Desktop 5.0.9



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